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Wind je Op, Eneco

Eneco 'Wind Je Op' was a school project we did for Blue Mango interactive. Our briefing was to develop a new mobile service with associated platform for Eneco. After brainstorming and a few beers we had the idea to use one of Eneco's top selling points: Renewable energy. Our mission was to make people aware of renewable energy in a playful way.

The game can be played through the online app by turning the windmill as fast as possible. The person with the most energy generated by turning the mill wins. When turning the wheel the players will see a landscape passing by. It starts at the place where it's power is generated and travels to the big city and homes. It is faster for people to type on their mobile devices. That is why we used a short URL to direct them to the online browser application. Eneco was very satisfied with our result and my design.

Role: Design, Front-end development, Animation

Website Eneco

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